Installing wallet713

Linux & macOS

To download and install wallet713, run this command from your terminal console, and follow the instructions.

curl -sSf | sh


Coming soon.

Receive grin in 3 easy steps

1. Run wallet713

Once installed, run wallet713 anywhere from your command prompt. You might need to restart the terminal console.


2. Create a wallet

You have the option to init a new wallet or recover an existing one. Be sure to write down your recovery words.


3. Ready to receive

wallet713 will automatically generate a grinbox address and listen to this address for incoming transactions. The address is printed in the confirmation message.

starting grinbox listener...
listener started for [gd9j5pe6HywoiXKpB4uAQiX1DLzE3ZdVbLEdpecwG6ibGa3GmqLK]

Read the latest documentation to become more familiar with wallet713's features.

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